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Links to the previous week’s most pertinent business category news that are easily digestible and can be used as seeding material for clients and prospects; conversation starters for sales calls; category targeting and more! Article titles are listed and you decide what to read and when/file/pass – assign to your sales team.

Actionable Articles:

Each article’s main points are highlighted for quicker absorption both for you and clients!

Example: Is Demand Bouncing Back? | Modern Tire Dealer

Consumer demand for passenger and light truck tires rose on a net basis in October 2022 versus the same month in ‘21. Twenty percent of dealers saw positive demand year-over-year, which compares to lower readings the previous two months. This is the largest increase seen since March 2022. While dealers expect to see fewer price increases in 2023, they indicate that earlier price hikes have continued to impact demand. That said, recent rebates from tire manufacturers have lured more buyers into shops, aiding positive year-year-over volume. Many customers have been deferring auto repair and maintenance services due to the rising cost environment. Tire tier research indicates that this deferment period may be nearing the end and consumers are favoring higher-tier products as a result.
Actual current service report samples from this year are available on request.