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Some current key “Express Checkout” items prepared with a client strategy, ready to be shared.


This article has some solid industry stats that can be shared in an email to a jewelry client or as talking points on a face call…

SUBJECT: Quick Question on Valentine’s and Mother’s Day 2023

“According to Mastercard SpendingPulse, compared to 2019, the last ordinary year the jewelry industry had, sales this year outperformed ‘19 every single month. Sales were up a whopping 34.1% over October ’19. This is a really positive outcome for the market!

It also looks like nationally, that chain necklaces and fashion rings are the best-performing items at retail so far this year. Chains at a 13.7% market share as far as units, and fashion rings generating at 13.5% of total revenue.

At (station name) we were wondering if we could share with you some ideas we have to move those items and more for events like next Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day? Also, some ways to still cash in for this current holiday season, as jewelry is in good shape for it, as it is expected that consumers perceive it to be a good investment gift. In addition, there are fewer new/flashy tech products to compete with jewelry for gift giving this season.

I will be calling to set an appointment…”

(A side note if you elect to try this and prepare ad ideas for V Day. FYI, 46% of Valentines shoppers begin shopping in early February, just a week or two before the holiday. Make sure ad campaigns crescendo around that timeframe. For Mom’s Day, jewelry is one of those segments that enjoys a spike in sales, with 34% of Mother’s Day shoppers opting to buy jewelry. However, jewelry is not the most popular Mother’s Day gift, with gift cards, flowers and dining out catching more consumer interest. Jewelry retailers may want to focus on simple Mother’s Day campaigns promoting affordable jewelry options, rather than more expensive jewelry pieces.)

Actual current service report samples from this year are available on request.