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Selling Ahead

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A look ahead 3 months out at:

Selling Ahead allows a salesperson to get a jump start on a prospects’ ad business.

Selling Ahead Example: March

% Of total Sales Year (Hot sales = 8.6%)

Auto Dealers Used 10.7%

Fuel Dealers 10.4%

Auto Dealers New 9.6%

Shoe Stores 9.2%

Sporting Goods Stores 9.2%

Building Supply Stores 9.1%

Furniture Stores 9.0%

Health/Personal Care Stores 8.8%

Warehouse Clubs/Superstores 8.8%

Drug Stores 8.7%

Full Serve Restaurants 8.7%

Gas Stations 8.6%

Alport Syndrome Awareness Month – target hospitals, Nephrologists, Urologists

Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month – target hospitals, medial, radiation and surgical Oncologists Credit

Education Month – target credit counselors

Home Schooling Awareness Month –target online providers, schools with homeschool programs, tutors

March Frozen Food Month – target supermarkets

Multiple Sclerosis Education & Awareness Month – target hospitals. Neurologists

Music In Our Schools Month – target Musical Instrument stores

Accounting Services – firms are busy during income tax preparation time which is traditionally the first three months of the calendar year

Auto Glass Repair Shops – needs for repair may be greater during the winter months in areas with snow and ice, because this may increase the chance of accidents. Sales are highest in March, April, August, and October. Also…

Bicycle Shops/ Exercise – Fitness Equipment Shops – like other sporting goods sales are highest in March, June and December

Breweries – March, April, May, and June are the top production months

Camps, Day and Residential – typically, camp fair season is January through March

Car Washes – March is their busiest months of the year, followed by April

Actual current service report samples from this year are available on request.